Tenders to sell alienation objects

UE “Mogilev branch of BelCCI” arranges tenders to sell alienation objects, owned by legal entities and individual entrepreneurs:

  • isolated premises (except for residual premises)
  • capital facilities (buildings and structures)
  • other immovable estate
  • cars
  • equipment
  • transport means
  • other property, related to capital assets
  • incompleted capital facilities
  • inventory, spare parts, other noncapitalized products

Intellectual property objects

Within organization of tenders by holding auctions, tenders UE “Mogilev branch of BelCCI” provides a range of services:

  • determines: (to be agreed upon with the seller) trigger price of an auction subject, amount of deposit for participation in tender and auction step, terms of sale;
  • publishes notifications (information message) of tenders in printed materials of mass media, television and global internet network;

Organizes promotion campaign of a company and search for potential customers;

  • provides an opportunity for potential customers to get familiar with an auction subject;
  • accepts applications for participation in tenders;
  • prepares all the documents, required for registration of a participant;
  • organizes tenders and provides its results;
  • settles disputes arising in the course of tender;
  • executes monetary transactions with participants of tenders (candidates) except for payments under an auction subject sale agreement;
  • advice (consulting) on the issues, arising at tenders or at executing a transaction on property alienation;

Conclusion of agreement of tender services.

Receipt of application from potential participants.

Holding a tender as an open auction:

  • by practice of trigger price lowering;
  • by practice of trigger price rise.

Tender  procedures.

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