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24 january 2017, 09:09    1282    0    Могилев БелТПП Training on EUREM Energy Saving Programme

In conditions of the global crisis and limitations of resource potential more efficient use of fuel and energy resources (hereinafter FER) is becoming more important for the republic. FER saving is not just a mandatory principle of management, one of the conditions for improving the product competitive ability, but also an essential requirement of maintaining national security.

That’s why Belarus is interested in successful experience of FER efficient use from developed countries –Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands, Canada and others.

Energy efficiency is becoming a more significant factor in the competitive struggle between industrial enterprises.

Enterprises have a great potential for more efficient energy use and saving. However, without special knowledge the potential for energy saving is unlikely to be used to the full extent. Therefore, enterprises should train their staff.

EUREM Programme “European Energy Manager” is one of effective and energy-saving programs and has been practiced for many years in many countries around the world.

This program was created in Germany in 1994. And since then, successfully proving its effectiveness, it has been "walked around the world." Currently EUREM program is being implemented in more than 30 countries around the world. More than 4,000 professionals have been trained and received a certificate of "European Energy Manager".

This program is good because it combines theoretical knowledge with practical tasks to reduce energy consumption at enterprises that are submitted by students. In addition, this program is universal, all the students in different countries are studied on the unified program and method, except the sections  that reflect the national legislation in the field of energy efficiency.

European energy managers (EUREM) can reduce energy consumption at every enterprise and thereby improve its competitiveness.

EUREM program provides professionals and managers with the knowledge needed to identify the hidden "energy eaters" at an enterprise.

Participants of the training receive important knowledge on technical optimization of energy use at their enterprise or institution.

During EUREM training each participant performs a project work, which subject is specific improvements at his/her own particular enterprise. Implementation of the project results leads to direct reduction in energy consumption and identification of additional potential for savings.

At the end of the courses the participants receive certificates of EUREM Consortium “European Energy Manager".

UE “Mogilev branch of BelCCI”,  having an exclusice right for EUREM Programme organization at the territory of Belarus, has organized the first courses on EUREM training.

On June 8, 2016 in Mogilev there was EUREM Energy Saving Programme “European Energy Manager” launched. 7 enterprises  of Mogilev:  JSC “Mogievliftmash”, JSC “Mogotex”, JSC “Lenta”, JSC “Babushkina krynka”, CJSC  “Polymeric Pipes factory”, LLC “BelEmsa”, UE “Mogilev branch of BelCCI” have considered it right to send their specialists to the training courses in order to gain new skills and knowledge in the field of energy saving.

Chief executive officers of these enterprises realize that the reduction of energy consumption is one of the factors that increases the enterprise efficiency and its products competitiveness at the domestic and foreign markets.

Should we then be surprised these enterprises are leaders in their industries and go ahead the other ones!

 The standard EUREM training programme is adjusted to realities of Belarus. The teaching staff, having a high level of qualification, has undergone the necessary training. The programme includes 120 (180 max) academic hours of workshops, 30 (80 max) academic hours of workshops, and also involves writing and defense of the project on energy efficiency at your enterprise.

The Programme is implemented with the assistance of the Energy Efficiency Department of State Committee on Standardization of the Republic of Belarus, Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry with the assistance of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Erfurt (FRG), as well as Czech-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Czech Republic).

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