Agriculture of Mogilev region

Agriculture Mogilev specializes in the cultivation of traditional crops for the temperate latitudes.
In cereal crop predominate: preferably barley, rye, wheat, potatoes, fodder crops.

Agricultural og Mogilev Region

In animal husbandry, mainly grown cattle for milk and meat, as well as pigs and poultry.
Systematically work on strengthening the material-technical base of agricultural organizations.
Agro-industrial complex of the region is represented by organizations of various activities, including: 180 - producing agricultural products and implementing agro-technical service of agricultural organizations; 16 branches (structural units) organizations, has acquired the agricultural organizations, 18 - carrying out maintenance and construction of drainage facilities, as well as 19 organizations engaged in processing of agricultural products, 296 peasant (farmer) households. In the field of agribusiness system includes organizations engaged in information support, providing transportation services that provide training and retraining, and carrying out veterinary-sanitary control and other.

Agricultural og Mogilev Region

Mogilev Region farms of all categories (agricultural organizations, peasant (farmer) farms, farms of the population), the production of agricultural products in 2016 amounted to 969.3 million Br1 current prices and increased compared to 2015 year in comparable prices by 5, 7% . 
In agricultural enterprises produced goods to Br1 566.5 million, which in comparable prices by 5.7% more than in 2015.
The share of agricultural organizations, including peasant (farmer's) economy, accounts for 79.5% of production, private households - 20.5%.
By the way, as to the ratio in the total volume of agricultural production among the regions of Belarus Mogilev ranked fifth. Way in the region - 12.9%.