Expert examination

As per decision № 1290 of Ministry Council from 03.09.2008 “On approval of act on goods receipt as per quantity and quality” the Chamber of Commerce is entitled to be involved in receipt of goods as per quantity and quality.

Mogilev branch of BelCCI carries out independent expert examination:

  • Of quality, quantity and goods’ package contents, raw materials and equipment followed by compiling a claim act of expert examination for Economic courts of the Republic of Belarus and international Arbitrary Court,
  • Expert examination at transshipment of cargo at railway stations from wagon to wagon or car,
  • Expert examination at goods loading by exporter,
  • Expert examination at unloading to the consignee’s warehouse,
  • Expert examination of tare, package and marking as to conformity with standard requirements and other regulations,
  • Expert examination as to determination of production quality loss (including fruit and vegetable) in the course of transportation and storage,
  • Expert examination of second-hand goods as to determination of causes of defects.

JSC “Belarusian universal goods exchange” registered UE “Mogilev branch of BelCCI” as a share analyst, entitled to get an expert examination as to exchange commodities.

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