Industry of Mogilev region

Industry is the most important sector of the national economy, that makes significant influence on the level of the development of manufacture. It includes two sectors: primary industry and secondary industry.

At present the region counts about 200 industrial enterprises, associations, stock companies. The industrial complex comprises chemical and petrochemical industry (28,3%), machine building and metal works (15,5%), food industry (16,8%), electrical energy (10,4%), building materials industry (6,3%), light industry (4,7%), wood, woodworking and paper and cellulose industries (2,9%) and other industries (15,1%).

The largest industrial centers are Mogilev, Bobruisk, Krichev, Kostiukovichi, Osipovichi.

Industry Of Mogilev region

Mogilev region is the main producer of tyres, lifts, electric motors, rotary vane pumps, cement, silk fabrics, curtains, rubber shoes, etc. Chemical and petrochemical industry is leading. The share of two largest Mogilev enterprises –JSC “Mogilevkhimvolokno” and JSC “Belshina” make over 30% of total production output.

The regional industrial activity focuses on maintaining and further increase of industrial and technical potential, keeping work places, improvement of quality and competitiveness of  production.

In Mogilev region for 9 months of 2017, industrial output in current prices was 074.9 Br6 Mill., Or in constant prices 105.2% over the same period in 2016. This was reported by the Main Statistical Office in the region. 
Industrial production mining was 107.1% and processing industry - 104.4% in the supply of electricity, gas, steam, hot water and conditioned air - 114.5% in water, collecting, processing and disposal of waste activity to eliminate pollution - 100.6%.
In 11 of the 13 manufacturing industries, industrial output in January-September 2017 exceeded the level of January-September 2016. The largest increase was observed in the manufacture of transport equipment (by 39.4%), manufacture of basic pharmaceutical products and pharmaceutical preparations (21.1%), metallurgical production, manufacturing of fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment (by 20.7% ), the production of chemical products (15.1%), the production of wood and paper; printing industry and reproduction of recorded media (12.7%), Other manufacturing, repair and installation of machinery and equipment (by 9.3%).