UE “Mogilev branch of BelCCI” is an expert organization, which specializes in providing professional services such as assessment of all kinds of property rights, expert examination of independent assessment reliability, expert examination as to regulations (definitions of court and investigating authorities).

In addition: independent assessment of property, real estate, auto transport, apartments, equipment, commercial and other property, asset revaluation. 

Area of business:

  • Assessment of real estate
  • Assessment of commercial real estate: buildings and isolated premises, structures
  • Assessment of residual real estate: apartments, cottages, summer cottages, garages
  • Assessment of real estate  under construction
  • Assessment of equipment
  • Assessment of transfer devices, machines, devices, production lines, power aggregates. Office equipment, etc
  • Assessment of cars, special machinery, railway and other machinery
  • Revaluation of asset for the purpose of taxation optimization
  • Court and forensic examination
  • Examination of independent assessment reliability 

Experts of our enterprise have more than 10 years of working experience, they were attested by the State committee for property in line with the regulation of the President as of October 13, 2006 under №615 “On assessment in the Republic of Belarus”, that entered into force on May 20, 2007. 

Determination of cost, preparation of assessment reports and decisions on assessment objects are carried out for the purpose of:

  • sales to a specific buyer, including sale of property in economic insolvency proceeding (bankruptcy);
  • paying up of non-monetary contribution to the charter fund of legal entity;
  • sales at tenders (auctions) including in bankruptcy proceeding
  • creation of a mortgage (real estate mortgage)
  • gratuitous alienation
  • gratuitous transfer
  • assignment for use free of charge
  • transfer to discretionary management
  • property inheritance
  • resolution of property disputes
  • reimbursement of damages (losses)
  • implementation of management solutions, except for the above mentioned
  • recognition of excess of assets, revealed as a result of inventory, and gratuitous assets
  • crediting , including preferential credit for individuals
  • separation of primary cost of an inventory object

Grounds for independent assessment of an assessment object

  • civil agreement for services in independent assessment. Under the agreement service provider shall conduct assessment as per customer’s order, and customer shall pay for the service;
  • decision made by the court, prosecuting or administrative authority.

Regulative documents, provided for assessment activity in Belarus

  • Order of the President №615 as of October 13, 2006 “On assessment activity in the Republic of Belarus”
  • State standards of the Republic of Belarus on assets assessment, verified by the decision №2 of the State standardization committee of Belarus as of January 20, 2011;
  • technical code of common practice.

Results of independent assessment

Result of independent assessment is submitted to the customer as an assessment decision. An assessment report is enclosed.

To request equipment assessment (any other property)

  +375 (222) 77 80 41, 77 80 42
  Vel: +375 29 692 74 92 Mts: +375 33 627 66 59