German Programme on Energy Saving “EUREM “European Energy Manager” has been already implemented!

23 january 2017, 21:39    1315    0    Могилев БелТПП Training on EUREM Energy Saving Programme

UE “Mogilev branch of BelCCI”,  having an exclusice promoter of German Programme on Energy saving EUREM “European Energy Manager” at the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

Energy efficiency is becoming an increasingly important factor in competition of enterprises. Companies that accept modern challenges and use opportunities to optimize energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption and demonstrate their partners that they are serious about the challenges of sustainable development.

In 2016 enterprises Jsc “Mogilevliftmash”, JSC ‘Babushkina Krynka”, JSC “Lenta”, Jsc “Mogotex”, CJSC “Polymeric Pipes Plant”, LLC “BelEmsa” and Mogilev branch of BelCCI have considered it right to send their specialists to the training courses under this programme.

During EUREM courses every participant made a project work, which topic is specific improvements at his own enterprise.

At the end of the courses the course participants received certificates of  EUREM Consortium “European Energy manager”.

 But the most important is that graduates have acquired skills that will help in solving problems of energy saving, which are faced by his enterprise, and by the country!

Next group training under EUREM programme is planned on January-February 2017.

         Please apply for training!

         We are working for Your success!

Contact person in Mogilev: Nikolai Ermak: tel. (0222-778035), mobile.  029-7420490 (МТС),

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