One of major activities of Mogilev branch of BelCCI is certification of goods origin that allows to obtain preferences for exported goods in the country of import. In order to receive advantages in taxation, currency and customs regulation, experts of the department provide services for preparation and issuance of production certificates, certificates of works and own produced services.

Certificate of origin

Verification and issuance of certificated of origin of all forms for economic entities, individual entrepreneurs and individuals.

Expert examination as to determination of country of origin of goods, exported from the customs territory of the Republic of Belarus and imported from the free customs zone and free customs warehouse to other areas of the country.

Certificates of origin are submitted to state authorities of importer countries, which have most favoured nation treatment agreement with the Republic of Belarus, in order for buyers of Belarusian goods to obtain preferences, I.e. advantages of economic regime.

Forms of certificates:

  • form “CT-1” for export of goods to the countries of CIS;
  • form “A” for export to the countries of EU, USA, Canada, Japan, Turkey and Switzerland;
  • form “Textile products” for export to the EU countries;
  • form “CT-2” for export to Serbia;
  • form, established by Mexico;
  • general form for export to the rest of the countries, not listed above.

Production certification and certification of own make services

Expert examination as to appropriation  of products (works, services) to own make products (works, services) ; verification and issuance of production certificates ( works and services) of own make.

Decree №6 “On stimulation of entrepreneurial activity in small, medium townships, rural areas”, signed by the President on May 7, 2012, has come into force from July 1, 2012. This decree covers commercial organizations and individual entrepreneurs, registered in the Republic of Belarus, located on the territory of small, medium townships, rural area, producing goods (works, services). All settlements, except for Bobruisk and Mogilev, belong to such territories.

as per the decree payers are:

  • entitled to be exempt from profit tax (organization) and income tax (entrepreneurs) in relation to income and profit, received from sale of goods or services of own make;
  • are exempt from compulsory sale of foreign currency, received from deals with legal non-resident entities from sale of goods (works, services) of own make;
  • are exempt from state due for specific permit (license) as to certain kinds of activity and its amendments;
  • benefit from other preferences, provided by decree №6.

Advantages, provided by decree №6, may be implemented at submitting production certificate (of works, services) of own make to tax authorities. Unitary enterprises of Belarusian Chamber of Commerce are authorized to issue such certificates.

Our enterprise will help prepare a standard package of documents to receive production certificate (of works, services) of own make.


Oral and written consulting on certification and expert examination.

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