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“Mogilev branch of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry” together with the Baltic-Eurasian Chamber of Entrepreneurs (Estonia) launches a series of workshops on various issues of foreign economic cooperation with the countries of the European Union.

Your attention will be paid to specific working business models to support exporters and importers in international trade with the EU through the point of presence in the Baltic States:

·         Consignment model;

·         Cooperation model;

·         Technological credit;

·         Export credit;

Model "Trading house for exporter's use.

The economic effect of the use of these models is shown.

You will receive expanded information on new opportunities for the use of practical tools for export and import operations outside Belarus. 

You can get acquainted with the topics of the workshops and their brief content here.

The cost of participation in one seminar is 55-100 Belarusian roubles including VAT.

Workshops will be held in Mogilev. It is also possible to conduct workshops in the form of a webinars at the premises of UE "Mogilev branch of the BelCCI" or directly at your company.

To apply for participation  in the interested workshops, please send E-mail to: ; or Fax (0222) 778040.

Contact person - Nikolai Aleksandrovich Ermak, phone +375297420490, (0222) 778040.

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