International Green Week in Berlin

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UE "Mogilev Branch of the BelCCI" organizes a business visit to the International Green Week in Berlin 2019 from January 15 to January 20, 2019.
For reference: “International Green Week in Berlin” is the only international exhibition of the achievements of the food industry, agriculture, horticulture and food production. The exhibition will present the whole range of products from several industries: from tea to wine and strong alcohol products, from meat and sausage products to seafood, vegetables and fruits. In 2018, the International Green Week in Berlin was held for the 83rd time. More than 1,660 exhibitors took part in the exhibition, including 655 foreign companies from 66 countries of the world, as well as about 400,000 visitors, including 90,000 specialists. The total exhibition area was 116,000 square meters.
The program provides B2B-meeting in Warsaw according to interests, a visit to the International Green Week Exhibition in Berlin accompanied by an interpreter, familiarization with the latest achievements in the field of agriculture, food industry and gardening, participation in business meetings and negotiations at the exhibition stands, visiting the collective stand of the Republic of Belarus.
Sections of the exhibition:
  • food and beverages from around the world;
  • wines and spirits;
  • meat and dairy products;
  • teas, herbs and spices;
  • seafood;
  • seeds;
  • agricultural machinery and inventory;
  • equipment for greenhouses and horticulture;
  • livestock breeding;
  • household equipment and appliances.
The participation fee of € 650 and includes:
  • B2B-meeting in Warsaw;
  • comfortable travel by minibus (Mogilev-Brest-Warsaw-Berlin-Poland-Brest-Mogilev);
  • document preparation and full support for obtaining a visa;
  • hotel reservations;
  • accompanied by an interpreter and negotiate at the exhibition stands.
Separate payment is due: 
  • visa in Germany (60 €); 
  • entrance ticket to the exhibition (€ 42 for all days); 
  • expenses for accommodation in hotels and travel expenses (according to the norms of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Belarus).
In order to ensure pre-booking of hotel rooms and entrance tickets to the exhibition at the best rates, we kindly ask you to submit your applications in advance - by December 20, 2018 by fax to +375 (222) 778034 or e-mail: Contact person - Sotnik Vitaly.




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