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Programme  EUREM - European Energy Manager – is german programme, which has been implemented in more than 30 countries of the world since 1994 and has showed its effectiveness.

Enterprises possess a good potential for more effective use of energy and energy saving. But without special knowledge this potential for energy saving will hardly be fully used.  That’s why enterprises should train their specialists.

This programme is good at combination of theoretical knowledge with practical tasks on decreasing of energy consumption at enterprises, which can be imagined by listeners.  Moreover, the programme is universal, all listeners from various countries are trained on common programme and methods,    except in areas that reflect the national legislation in the field of energy saving.

During the training on programme EUREM each participant performs a project work, which aim is to develop technical and engineering improvements at production. Implementation of the results of the project leads to a direct reduction in energy costs and the identification of additional potential for savings.

EUREM programme provides professionals and managers with the knowledge needed to identify the hidden "energy eaters" at an enterprise. Training participants receive all important knowledge in technical optimization of energy use at an enterprise or institution. On completion of the training course participants receive of certificates of Consortium EUREM “European Energy Manager”.

participants of the training positively characterize this program. Thanks to received basic knowledge their points of view on energy processes at their enterprises are expanded significantly. This knowledge can be applied in almost all parts of an enterprise, and the knowledge received facilitates technical evaluation of energy opportunities greatly.

According to the information provided by Consortium EUREM every European energy manager in an average saves energy of about 750 MW /h annually (about 30 thousand euros), reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere (CO2 equivalent) by 200 tons.

Dear executive officers!

If you are interested in enhancing competitiveness of your products by reducing energy consumption at your enterprise, then you need to take part in programme EUREM!

Period of studies- March 2016

Place of studies- belarusian-Russian University (BRU), Mogilev

Price of participation depends on the number of listeners.

Contact persons in Mogilev: Nikolai Alexandrovich Ermak : tel.  +375 222 77-80-35, mob tel.   +375 29 7420490 (Mts),, Victor Yunikovich Senokosov: mob tel.   +375 44 7353558 (Vel).

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