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UE “Mogilev branch of BelCCI” invites you to take Busines English Courses.

Business English Courses will be good for those, who feels the lack of knowledge in English for the job or has difficulties in writing letters and telephone communication in English.

The aim of the courses  is to teach students to communicate effectively in English in professional situations by means of gaining skills in talking on the phone in English, business correspondence, holding negotiations, presentations, formal and informal business communication.

The courses duration is 5 months (80 academic hours). The curriculum includes the study of 16 topics of various business fields (establishment of business contacts, meeting with business partners, concluding contracts, business correspondence, international commercial terms, payment methods, shipping, packaging, labeling, sanctions, customs, business trip, orders, presentation of business projects, export, import).

The cost of study for one listener will make 300 Belarusian roubles for the whole period of study (5 months). The payment can be made in three stages.

Classes are held at the following address:  Mogilev, Tsiolkovskogo Street,1, Mogilev branch of BelCCI.

The first free lesson will be held on February 2, 2017.

We offer training at your company. The courses fee will amount 2500 Belarusian roubles, including VAT - 20%, for a group. Discounts are available. 

For registration for courses and getting additional information, please contact us by the following phone numbers: 8-0222 77-80-32,  8-044-582-66-82,   8-033-607-08-05.

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