Russia-Belarus business meeting

11 february 2020, 15:11    95    0    Могилев БелТПП Chronicle of events

Collaboration, not competition! Russia-Belarus business meeting was held in Bryansk Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Entrepreneurs of the two countries discussed how to develop the boundaries of business and enter the market.

Cooperation between Russia and Belarus in our region has been going on for 20 years. The delegations of both the countries are often found in Bryansk, Gomel, Mogilev. Bryansk Chamber of Commerce regularly holds meetings of entrepreneurs of neighboring states. A number of agreements have been signed with Belarus.

Belarusian products are in demand in Bryansk region: food, cosmetics, furniture, building materials ...

However, representatives of a neighboring state emphasize, there should not be competition between states, but cooperation. It is important to develop the boundaries of the business, go beyond simple trading, and jointly enter the market.

This meeting at the chamber of commerce is important not only for business giants. Individual entrepreneurs from Bryansk also hope for fruitful cooperation with Belarusians.

Representatives of the neighboring Republic are also sure: active cooperation and cooperation processes will continue. The so-called "shopping basket" will also expand.

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