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In the period from 14 till 19 January a business visit to Czech republic took place. The following agricultural enterprises participated in the visit: RUE “Instructional farm of Belarusian State Agricultural Academy”, agricultural production co-operative “Druzhba-avtuki”, OJSC “Otor”, OJSC “Gritskevichi”, OJSC “Agro-Dubinskoye”, Agricultural Institution “Bobrovichi” of UE  “Minskoblgas”. 
During the visit there was a meeting with the heads of the Holstein Cattle Breeders Association of the Czech Republic and the Czech-Moravian Union of Breeders; moreover the group visited Mikrop, a Czech company for feedstuff production; a bull station and a laboratory for semen sampling, production and storage of CBS Breeding Services s.r.o (a Czech large breeding company, working in the industry of genetics and selection of livestock and pigs with provision of consultations in the field of herd reproduction and management); a range of farms for dairy and beef livestock breeding; as well as a genetic laboratory and laboratories for feedstuff and milk analysis. 

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