Business visit to Czech Republic, Brno

16 may 2019, 13:18    215    0    Могилев БелТПП Chronicle of events

In the period from 12 till 16 May 2019 a business visit to the Czech Republic was held with the participation of directors and specialists of agricultural enterprises.

During the visit the Belarusian delegation attended international agricultural exhibition “Animal Tech 2019”, at which Holstein andBeef Cattle Breeds Championship “National Show of Livestock NVHZ 2019” took place.

Belarusian-Russian-Czech Workshop “Modern technologies for highly productive livestock maintenance and feeding” was organized by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic with the support of CBS genetics, Genoservice Rusko and MilkProgres poradenstvi s.r.o. At the workshop, the participants of the exhibition were greeted by the Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Czech Republic Jiří Šír, who wished to establish joint cooperation between the two countries and develop existing business contacts.

Later on the Belarusian delegation visited several highly productive dairy farms in the Czech Republic, as well as conducted negotiations on further cooperation and supply of heifers to the Republic of Belarus.

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