Business trip to Baltic Countries

04 june 2019, 15:10    229    0    Могилев БелТПП Chronicle of events

In the period from May 26 to June 01, 2019, the Mogilev branch of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry with the assistance of the embassies of the Republic of Belarus in the Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian Republics organized a business visit of representatives of housing and communal services of the Republic of Belarus to the Baltic сountries (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania).

During the trip to the Republic of Estonia the delegation visited the Mustamäe boiler facility, a sewage treatment company and drinking water intake company AS «Tallina Vesi» where they got acquainted with the system of deposit-paid containers and waste recycling. 

In the Republic of Latvia while visiting the municipal enterprise "Jūrmalas Udens" the delegation studied the water supply system and water treatment technologies of Jūrmala, and later the delegation from Belarus established direct contacts with EcoBaltia a full cycle waste management company.

The participants of the business visit were particularly interested in the technologies of the waste sorting station and Getlini Eco waste dump. During the meeting at the Latvian Water and Gas Users Association participants were introduced to new generation measuring instruments and IT technologies, as well as to the legislation of the Republic of Latvia in the field of public utilities.

In the Republic of Lithuania the delegation studied the experience of modernization of residential buildings, urban water and heat supply systems, water treatment in the city of Vilnius. The representatives of the company "Axis Industries" shared the technologies of heat and electricity metering. After that Belarusian delegation visited the chunk boiler room.

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