Holstein Association USA visit to Belarus

23 march 2017, 15:30    622    0    Могилев БелТПП Chronicle of events

On March 14-16 the international marketing coordinator of the Holstein Association USA Mr.Carl Kent visited Belarus.
For reference:
The Holstein Association USA is the only source in the dairy industry with full performance data and genetic pedigrees of officially identified Holsteins. The Association collects, processes and systematizes Holsteins data received nationwide and presents this information in a way that allows milk producers to make the most correct business decisions leading to the highest profit. The programs and services offered by the Holstein Association allow manufacturers to make the right decisions on breeding, economic activities, set realistic goals in improving livestock, determine the market value of the breeding stock, and plan future productivity and profitability.
During the visit Mr. Kent conducted a seminar  "Understanding and application of the US cattle genetics" in Mogilev, Brest and Minsk regions for leaders and specialists in dairy farming, and visited the dairy farms of the republic.

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